Call for Action

April 20th, 2012

We now have managed to take the venture to the next step preparing an updated version of the presentation of the venture, its financials and a call for support. Please find enclosed the respective document.

Meanwhile we had a first contact to They “loved the idea” and we are looking forward to the follow up. Further contacts to potential partners are in preparation.

How can you support this venture?

Currently we are looking for the seed financing:
- Are you in a position to provide financing for the venture? Please contact us.
- Do you know somebody who could be of any help. Please forward the presentation of the venture
- Please make this venture known to as many people as possible.

Executive Summary of the Business Plan

Juli 20th, 2011

It took us (and especially me in person) now a long time to move on to the next step of the venture. But we finally made it. The business plan is out in a draft version and is now discussed amongst the founding partners of the venture. Here you can find the executive summary. For everybody willing to support the venture: just drop me a line. Asks the Question: Can You Buy a Dream?

Oktober 1st, 2008


Dear friends and followers of this idea born during the 1st African Information Ethics Conference 2007 in Tshwane, South-Africa. At the moment we prepare the business plan.

For further information see my initial contribution to the coference on the subject developing the very idea.

Any comments and support in particular welcome.